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A Different Breakfast

Posted by LaMoin on January 31, 2013 at 7:35 PM

I have adjusted to eating fried rice,  stir-fried mixed vetables, and salad for breakfast!  Yes, adaption is the necessary key to living in a different culture.  But that is not bad - at least we don't get bogged down in routine.  I hate routine.  I get bored very easily, so I need change.  Well, Bali is the place for change.  We are in the rainy season now.  It rains at night and in the morning.  Usually by 10:00, the rains are gone and the scorching sun dries everything off in a hurry - except me!  It only takes a few minutes in this humidity to melt my hairdo and makeup.  I look very different in Bali than what I do in the States.  The Balinese are so kind and their complements bolster my self-image and confidence. 

We had a Burger King hamburger and fries for lunch yesterday.  Oh, yes, American has invaded the peaceful island of the gods.  Burger King for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner.  Well, there goes my healthy eating habits, but a little bit of America is always satisfying.

The traffic here in the capitol city area is horrendous!  It is usually double lanes of non-stop, bumper-to-bumper cars and thousands of motor bikes.  It makes it difficult to cross the street, but I have again adapted the style of the Balinese - hold my breath, pray, look for half of an opening, put my out toward the traffic and run like crazy.  Bill is a bit more cautious - he probably has more sense than I do.

Road rage is not common in Bali.  Cars and bikes constantly pull out in front of other cars, cut them off, and drive all over the road,  but the calm and peaceful Balinese do not get upset.  They give way and continue on their way.  If it was America, there would be blood and guts everywhere.  Drivers would be dying in great numbers of heart attacks, strokes, and anger.  A different culture indeed.  Yesterday, we were waiting for a taxi at an intersection with unusually heavy traffic.  There was a traffic light, but it was not working.  Finally a traffic cop appeared.  He stood for about two minutes and disappeared.  Bill said, "That cop gone again."  I looked across the street and saw that he had gone in between two buildings and sat down.  I suppose I can't blame him - directing that traffic would have been suicide.  I was amused at watching the cars drive around a tree, up on the sidewalk and then back into the lane of traffic - thereby cutting off a couple of cars in the process.  This is Bali!  You have to love it!



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