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Posted by LaMoin on February 2, 2013 at 7:55 AM

Yesterday we went with Pastor Berens and his wife to have a short Bible study with a lady who owns a small spa.  We met "in the upper room" of the spa.  Lina and her sister expressed that they needed prayer because of the demonic powers that had attacked them at different times through some of their workers.  She said that one day a lady was so filled with demons that it took her and nine other ladies to hold her down while she was fighting them and a man's voice was speaking to them from the demon controlled woman.  Demon activity is very strong here in Bali.  We taught her about how to resist the devil in the name of Jesus and his blood, and also Eph. 6:11-18 about putting on the whole armor of God. After the Bible study and prayer time, she took us to lunch.  It was a good time of spiritual encouragement and instruction to Lina and her sister.

Last night we went into a very poor area where some of the church members live.  We entered a compound where many families lived in very small dwellings.  The ladies had prepared food for us, and as we went into the very small room, everyone sat on the floor, and the lady of the home, a former Muslim, brought a large pot of rice, a pot of fried noodles, and a plate of egg omelets (like Chinese egg foo young) and sat them in the middle of the floor.  Then they gave each of us, and all the people present, a small plate and a spoon.  We had prayer and then each of us served ourselves from the food containers.  It was tasty, but I prayed an extra prayer that we would not be sick from it.  the food was cooked, but the plates and spoons were my concern.  The Lord answered my prayer and we didn't get any Bali Belly.

They were so happy that we had come to their home.  They had a new-born baby that was sick, so they asked Bill to pray for the baby.  These people are so very poor, but they love to share what they have with us. 


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