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A Balinese School

Posted by LaMoin on February 2, 2013 at 8:15 AM

This morning we went with Pastor Berens to a school where he is permitted by the Hindu administration to teach the Bible each week.  Bill and I taught the children Christian songs, which they loved.  These children are so bright and learn quickly.  After we went through one of the songs about three times - in English - one little girl about eleven years old came to the front of the room and sang it by herself.  She did a great job too.  I am always amazed at how talented they are and how quickly they learn.  We had fun with the children and they were happy to have us in their school. 

The school is just one more "hook" to try to catch some "fish."  It gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the teachers also.  All of them are Hindus, but they watch our actions and it is a testimony to them.

A Chinese lady that goes to the church took us in her rented car this afternoon to do a little sightseeing.  She and I got out of the car and was looking in shops while Bill and the driver sat in the van.  Bill had previously given Merti some of our Chick tracts in the Indonesian language.  While they waited for us to shop, Merti read the tract, "This Was Your Life."  He started to ask Bill questions about it and they discussed it.  In the tract, it talks about going to Heaven or to the Lake of Fire.  After a long discussion, Bill asked Merti if he died where he thought he would go and Merti answered, "To the Lake of Fire."  Bill explained the plan of salvation to him and Merti bowed his head and as Bill helped him to pray, he asked Jesus to save him and take him to Heaven.  He promised that he and his family will come to church tomorrow.  Praise the Lord for this Hindu man.  We pray that his whole family will be saved.


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