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Good Church Service and Disgusting Fish Eyes

Posted by LaMoin on February 3, 2013 at 2:35 AM

We had a great church service this morning - however a bit different than in America.  This service lasted for two and a half hours!   This is not unusual in Bali.  We had a good crowd.  One lady was nursing her baby - uncovered.  The order of service is not like it is in America.  We had singing, then testimony time.  Some of these people are so happy in the Lord that they don't give short testimonies.  One man went on and on - in English with Pastor Berens translating.  After a while I was praying that God would shut him up.  Isn't that terrible of me?  Well, they say that confesion is good for the soul.  Then more singing, the offering, and praying.  Then we had baby dedicaton - while the kids screamed.   So moving!  But this is Bali and the church is Balinese - not American.  They do things differently and that's fine.  They also served communion.  Finally Bill took the pulpit and preached his sermon.  Because of time, he shortened his sermon just a bit.  The invitation lasted a while and three people came forward.  A young couple talked with the pastor after the service was dismissed.  People love to stay and fellowship after the service, so we still didn't leave for another half hour.

We went to lunch with Pastor Berens and his wife and some of the church members.  They took us to a traditional Balinese restaurant.  We had three different kinds of fish, rice, and some vegetables.  The rice was served in small metal pots.  Yes, the fish were whole - heads and all.  A Chinese woman sat next to me and encouraged me to eat the fish skin which I had pushed to the side of my plate.  She explained how it is so good for our health.  Well, I finally ate just a bit of the skin, but I drew the line on the fish heads and eyeballs.  She explained to me that fish skin is good for our skin and the eye balls are good for our vision.  Other parts are good for the heart, etc.  I said, "Well, I will just die early with ugly skin and blind eyes."  Our pastor even ate the eye balls.  I asked him how they tasted and he said, "They are a bit crunchy."   

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