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A New Brother and Two New Sisters

Posted by LaMoin on February 4, 2013 at 2:30 AM

     We were happy to see a man and two ladies (Hindus) opened their heart's door to Jesus today after hearing a fantastic brief, but consise, story of the gospel from creation to the cross.  Two of them have been attending Pastor Berens Monday morning Bible study faithfully, and it was the first time for one of them.  It was such a joy to see them open their heart to the Lord.  It is also rare, because the Hindus in Bali are very hard to win to Christ.

     After the Bible study, we went with Pastor Berens and his wife, Jill, to a shopping center where Pastor Berens and Bill were looking at harmonicas.  Bill has been playing his at the different places where we have had meetings.  I guess Pastor Berens really liked it, because he wanted to learn to play.  We bought a good harmonica and Bill gave him some quick lessons on how to hold it and how to blow it.  Pastor Berens is very intelligent and very talentted, so I am sure he will be playing it very soon.

     Bill was sorry that he missed seeing the Super Bowl!  By the time we got back to where we are staying, the game was over.  All he saw was the confetti and celebration afterwards.  I don't care that much about football and I agree with a joke I saw on Facebook - For me, Super Bowl means a toilet that will clean itself! :)

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