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The Day Started Bad But Ended Good

Posted by LaMoin on February 6, 2013 at 8:00 AM

     This day started with my endurance being tested.  We were trying to save money by staying in a budget hotel, but when we went to breakfast and I looked at the food, I couldn't bear to put it into my mouth.  I thought, "Okay,  I'll just have buttered toast and tea and eat lunch later.  It was a good thought - if there had been any butter for my toast.  I thought, "That's it!  It's not worth it to try to save money in this horrible hotel".  Thankfully, it was a our last day there before leaving for Singaraja.  I know now that the Devil was having a go at me because of what would transpire later in the day.  He put other things in my path that created a less than pleasant attitude.

     We checked out of the hotel, met our driver and headed for Singaraja.  On the way, we stopped at a place where coffee is processed.  They had many different kinds of coffee and tea for us to taste.  It was all free, except for the special Luwak coffee - to taste that would have cost $5.00.  We passed.  The Luwak coffee sells for about $100.00 a pound.  It is made here and very rare.  There's a very limited amount of it made to ship all over the world and it sells for big money in ohter countries.  The process is very slow, difficult and expensive.  I'll tell you why.  The Luwak is a little animal, something like a civic cat.  It lives in the forest and its favorite food is the coffee beans.  It eats the shell from the bean but swallows the whole bean.  After the stomach processes it, the Luwak poops it out.  People are hired to go through the poop and separate the beans.  The bean still has another shell that has to be cracked open.  After the beans are washed, the shells are cracked, and the coffee inside is taken out.  The digestive juices of the Luwak gives a distinct taste to the coffee and makes it one of the most expensive coffees in the world.  I will take people's word for the good flavor.

     We continued through the beautiful mountains and terraced rice fields on to Singaraja.  We are now in the calm and peacful compound where we always stay.  We stay in a little cottage with only one large room and bath.  We eat at the open-air restaurant that overlooks the ocean in the back.  It is beautiful, calm, and relaxing.  After being in the capitol city, it is balm to my nerves.

     We went to say hello to all of the staff who remembers us from year to year.  I went into the little spa to say hello.  As a sat talking to the young woman who does my massages, I told her that we have a church in Singaraja.  Of course she is Hindu.  I asked her if she had ever attended a Christian church and she said no.  She asked if Hindus are welcome to attend and I told her that we would be happy to have her attend.  She agreed to go to church with me on Sunday. 

     I continued to talk to her as she asked me questions.  She said, "I have noticed how Christians are always peaceful and happy.  When I look at your face, it seems to glow."  (I'm glad she didn't see me at breakfast. :()  I told her that I, and other Christians, are happy because we have Jesus in our hearts.  Then I told her a brief, concise story from Creation to Christ.  After I told her about Jesus dying for us, I explained how Jesus stands at our hearts door and knocks, and that we have the choice to open the door and let Him come into our hearts.  She listened intently for around two hours total.  She admitted that the Hindus have no peace in their hearts and that their religion is very difficult.  She said that she believes that Jesus died for her and that He is the only way to Heaven.  I told her how simple that it is to ask Him into our hearts and have peace in knowing that we are going to Heaven when we die.  I asked, "Would you like to have that peace?"  She said, "Yes, but I am afraid of the conquences of my family and community."  I tried to encourage her to just not to worry, trust it all to God, and ask Jesus into her heart.  In the past, I have NEVER encouraged people to be "secret believers," but today I told her that she doesn't have to tell anyone, but just ask Jesus into her heart.  I knew that if she asked Him into her heart that she would be saved even if she could never break away from the Hindu traditions.  I said, "Let God take care of the future.  Don't you believe that the God who created this whole world is powerful enough to take care of the problems in the future?"  She is so frightened. She longs for the peace of Christ, but the Hindus can make it really bad for one who leaves their religion.  I told her that I would pray for her and if she wanted to ask Him into her heart in private that she can do that also.

     You people in America have no idea of the fear and confusion that grips the hearts of the Hindus who believe and want to be saved, but they don't have the freedom to do it.  We in the Western world have it so easy.  We don't have to fear such persecution in order to become Christians.  It is so easy for us.  All we have to fear is that someone will laugh at us.  Big deal!  These people fear for their lives!

     Please pray for Kedek that God will give her the courage to get saved, even if she has to be a secret believer.  And don't forget to thank God for being born in  country where you can freely choose to accept Christ and to serve Him.

     I was so tired when I finished talking to her.  I was battling against the power of Satan during those two hours.  I also warned her that the devil (who is very real to them) will come and try to steal away the belief in her heart.  I said, "The devil will do to you what he did to Eve in the garden.  He will  tell you that you don't really have to believe in Jesus and that you don't have to open your heart to Him."   I left her with this challenge: "Pray and ask God to show you if Jesus is the truth and the only way to Heaven." 

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