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Orphanages in Bali and Sulawesi

Posted by LaMoin on April 7, 2015 at 11:20 AM

     I must apologize for neglecting my website for soooooo long!  I have been so busy in the ministry that I simply haven't taken the time to maintain this site.  I hope I can correct that neglience and do better in the future.

     What have I been doing that's so important?  Well, I will try to list some of the things.  In 2013 we started a small orphanage in Bali (Singaraja).  This work was birthed by the suggestion of our Pastor Wayan and his wife, Eny.  It took a bit of time before my husband and I could wrap our heads around it, but the Lord burdened our hearts for the work of taking care of orphans and underprivileged children.  It is a huge commitment.  We must get sponsors for these children.  We present the need and pray that individuals will offer to send $50.00 a month to sponsor a child.  If they cannot send $50.00, then we are grateful for any financial help that you can send.  $50.00 will pay for housing, food, clothing, schooling (+uniforms), and necessities for these children.  We now have 8 children living with Pastor Wayan and Eny.  There are 3 other children (siblings) that we are trying to get sponsors for.  The eldest is a boy (11 years) and has never been to school.  His sisters are 6 and 8 and have never gone to school.  They have parents, but they are very poor.  Their father moves the family around as he tried to get temporary jobs in order to buy food.  These children are so sweet and we would love to take them into the orphanage.  Will you consider helping?

     We wrote a newsletter in December 2013 and expressed our desire to have an orphanage that would house 40 - 50 children.  In February we received an email from a man whom we had never met.  He was present in his church when our letter was read one Wednesday night.  He and his wife had been praying about some way that they could honor God with some of the wealth with which God has blessed them.  After answering several questions via email, this couple said that they wanted to finance the building of the orphanage!!  We were pleasantly shocked!!  We met with these fine people and as a result, we are now in the process of building a large orphanage in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.  We tried to secure land in Bali, but the prices were too high, so we went to Sulawesi - the home of one of our national pastors, Bro. Berens. He and his wife will be the on-site directors of the orphanage - and it will accomodate about 50 children when it is finished.

     We purchased 2 acres of land in Tondano and started the construction of the orphanage.  Bro. Bereans also started a new church there.  We hope that the construction will be completed in the next three months and we can start taking in children.  We need help with this project also.  With a few dollars each month, you can change the life of a child.  Our goal is to provide a home, love, and training now and also to teach them about Jesus so they can come to know him personally and have a home in heaven.  Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me..."  He loves the children of the world.  Do you?

     I will soon post pictures of the children in Bali and Sulawesi.  Please compare the faces and expressions of the children in Sulawesi (who are waiting for the orphanage to be completed) to the faces of the children in Bali who are enjoying their new home.


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