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Good Day With a Good Bible Study

Posted by LaMoin on January 28, 2013 at 6:30 AM

We went to the offices of one of our church members this morning where Pastor Berens always has a Bible study on Mondays with the employees.  Bill taught today on John 3 and I Corinthians 6:19,20.  Among those present was a Hindu, a Muslim, and a Catholic.  After the Bible study was over, the member treated us to breakfast.

We left the Bible study and went to look at some buildings that would be good for the church to purchase.  We found one that would be great, but we don't know the selling price yet.  We really need to get the church into a building of their own so we are checking on some properties and praying that God will provide the need.

When Pastor Berens was taking us back to the hotel, we went past a new hotel that is much closer to the church.  The hotel is the Ibis, which is a budget hotel and cheaper than where we were staying.  It's not as nice, but we went back and checked outof the hotel and went to the Ibis.  We try to save as much of God's money as possible.  We are thankful that God provided this new place for us to staqy while we are in the capitol city.  I have exdcellent Internet service - and Fox News!!

It has been a good day!


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