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Taking a Break

Posted by LaMoin on February 5, 2013 at 2:10 AM

     We took a break from the work today for a few personal things - shopping and therapy.  We had to buy a few things for people in the States.  After walking in the hot sun for too long, we stopped for an hour of foot reflexology - only $4.00 for an hour.  It is therapy and it's good for the circulation in the body - but it does hurt!  I endured the pain because I know that is beneficial in the long-run.

     I also had some retail therapy!  Now that is less painful.  Bought a birthday present for my daughter.  Yes, Shaleen, you will love it!

     We had to stop at our favorite coffee shop and get a frozen mochichino.  Better than anything Starbucks has.  I had to shut off the calorie counting for a short time.


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