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A Vist With the Princess

Posted by LaMoin on February 8, 2013 at 6:20 AM

     Pastor Wayan had to be out of town today, so it was a slow and relaxing day for us.  We went to the only large store here for shopping.  All of the other ones are open market shops.  This store cannot be compared in anyway to our stores at home, but we like to look around in it.  The first floor has groceries, adult clothing is on the second floor, and children's clothing on the third floor.

     After we left the store, we went to visit with Princess Agung with whom we made friends last year.  We sat on her open veranda and had a good time of talking.  She served us a typical Balinese desert made of seaweed and brown sugar.  I ate it, but I didn't take seconds - if you know what I mean. :)

     The traffic here is so dangerous.  Bill drives only 25 miles an hour to keep from killing someone.  Most of the cars drive down the middle of the road, and they pass when other cars are coming toward them.  However, most of the time, you have to pass with oncoming traffic.  Everyone just moves over enough to keep from hitting each other.  When you stop at a traffic light, the motor bikes surround you like a swarm of bees.  You can never relax while driving here.  I just try to keep quite and pray continually.

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