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"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22

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This is Kenya!


LaMoin will entertain you with humor as she reveals the personal challenges and experiences of her missionary life in Kenya.

She has learned through many terrifying experiences, and much anguish of heart, that God’s grace is always sufficient for every trial.  Your emotions will be touched as she tells about her family and friends enjoying an evening motorcycle ride when she witnessed a drunk driver, without lights, hit her children’s motorcycle.  Major injuries.  No ambulances.  No telephones.  But - God and His angels were present.

You will feel her fear as you learn how her family spent three days inside their home during a government coup and listened to the gunfire outside.  The looting and raping soldiers were two blocks from their house.  Was evacuation possible? 

LaMoin’s husband was run over by a motor boat, and his body stalled the engine. The doctor could find no pulse or blood pressure in his lacerated body when he arrived at the hospital.  But God’s grace was sufficient.

You will keep turning the pages when she tells about a motorcycle safari that left them stranded without gas on a dark, rainy night in isolated lion country. 

Her faith was tested when she had to leave her children in boarding school in the mountains of Kenya.  But it was even more heart breaking to leave them in America, which to them was a foreign country.

You will laugh and cry as you realize that missionaries are “real” people.


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